Bathroom and Kitchen Worktop Installations in Billericay

Granite Supply has been in the business of supplying and installing bathroom and kitchen worktops for more than a decade. We have extended our services to Billericay to allow us to meet all of our clients’ needs, easily and efficiently. Recent times have shown that many people take a lot more pride in the appearance of their home, and this is why we use high-quality materials for our clients.

Granite and Quartz Worktops

Granite is a natural stone that comes with exceptional colour, beauty and character. It is patterned and, therefore, offers an impression of bright surfaces. If you prefer going with natural materials, installing granite worktops is the way to go. It comes in different shades, including brown, pink, black and grey, among others. As a hard wearing, low maintenance and durable material, granite is an ideal choice for your kitchen worktops.

Quartz is an excellent alternative to granite, and is just as suitable for your kitchen worktops. Although it is manmade, it has 93% natural minerals. To get the desired pigment and consistency, this material is normally mixed with colourants and resin binders. Worktops made of quartz look like those made from granite, but the two are not identical. The most preferred are the white quartz worktops since there are no other natural rocks in existence that come in this colour.

Marble Bathroom Worktops

At Granite Supply, we also stock and install marble bathroom countertops throughout Billericay. As a non-porous, smooth material, marble doesn’t encourage bacterial growth and requires minimal maintenance. However, as marble is made of calcium carbonate, it could react with acids. Therefore, we would recommend using a gentle cleaner, or just warm water when cleaning your marble.

Marble offers a luxurious look and feel and can often make your bathroom feel larger than it is, due to the light colours often used. If you’re not looking to have a completely marble bathroom, Granite Supply can also create marble tiles, shelving and more.

To find out more about Granite Supply’s services and how we can help your home or business in Billericay, please get in touch today. Once we know your requirements, we will be in touch with a quote within 48 hours. We are available on 01708 374 121 or through our online contact form.


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