Classic Range

Our classic range contains several different types of materials. Take a look at our selection below.


Alaska Bianca Alaska Bianca
Calacatta Gold Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Lusso Calacatta Lusso
Statuario Venato Statuario Venato
Torrano Gold Torrano Gold
Torrano Grey Torrano Grey
Torrano Perla Torrano Perla


Brillo Branco Brillo Branco
Brillo Gris Brillo Gris
Brillo Noir Brillo Noir


Branco Cinzento Branco Cinzento
Glitter Branco Glitter Branco
Glitter Noir Glitter Noir
Ice Branco Ice Branco
Ice Gris Ice Gris
Ice Mix Ice Mix


Alba Via Alba Via
Calacatta Miranda Calacatta Miranda
Calacatta Sueste Calacatta Sueste
Calacatta Valiente Calacatta Valiente
Classic Grey Classic Grey
Cosmic Cosmic
Dreamy Dreamy
Elegant Grey Elegant Grey
Elysee Elysee
Calacatta Valiente Calacatta Valiente
Grey Veins Grey Veins
Gulf Emprador Gulf Emprador
Hielo Hielo
Majestic Brown Majestic Brown
Milet Milet
Nocturne Nocturne
Talia Grey Talia Grey
Tiara White Tiara White
Zenit Zenit

Diamond Range

Antigua Antigua
Diamond Diamond
Dior Dior
Vivara Blanco Vivara Blanco
Vivara Noir Vivara Noir


Star White Star White
Star Grey Star Grey
Star Black Star Black
Star Ivory Star Ivory
Everest Grey Everest Grey
Everest Blanco Everest Blanco
Glacier White Glacier White
Frost White Frost White
Carrara Pearl Carrara Pearl
Carrara Nova Carrara Nova
Gold Wave Gold Wave
Havanna Havanna
Calacatta Gold Calacatta Gold
Statuario Nova Statuario Nova
Calacatta Nova Calacatta Nova
Athena Black Athena Black
Athena Grey Athena Grey
Athena White Athena White
New Zealand New Zealand
Eternal Fly Eternal Fly
Light Concrete Light Concrete
Roma Roma
Snowdown Snowdown
Calacatta Fantasy Calacatta Fantasy
Moderna Moderna
Snow Flake Snow Flake
Magnetite Magnetite
Diversa Diversa
Starlet Starlet
Kaunos Kaunos
Idyma Idyma
Arctic Breeze Arctic Breeze
Calacatta Liana Calacatta Liana
Irena Irena
Calacatta Valiente Calacatta Valiente
Arte Black Arte Black
Narcissus Narcissus
New Carrara New Carrara

Horizon Stone

Calacatta Moderna Calacatta Moderna
Cancun Cancun
Bianco Carrara Bianco Carrara
Calacatta Blanco Calacatta Blanco
Galaxy Black Galaxy Black
Galaxy Grey Galaxy Grey
Galaxy White Galaxy White
Light Grey Light Grey
Mystery Grey Mystery Grey
Snow White Snow White
Statuario Light Statuario Light
Statuario Oro Statuario Oro
Super White Super White
UK Calacatta Light UK Calacatta Light
White Fusion White Fusion
Carrara Crystal Carrara Crystal
Leeds Grey Leeds Grey
Montclair Montclair
Valetta Valetta
Samana Samana
Monsanto Monsanto
Mistry Mistry
Mistry Gold (Slab) Mistry Gold (Slab)
Luna Grey Leather Luna Grey Leather
Luna Grey Polished Luna Grey Polished
Fantazia Full Slab Fantazia Full Slab
Calacatta Pearla Calacatta Pearla
Spider Gold Spider Gold

HS Construction Range

Carrara Shimmer Carrara Shimmer
Calacatta Dorato Calacatta Dorato
Marble Stratus Marble Stratus
Calacatta Luna Calacatta Luna
Alaska White Alaska White
Ice Storm Ice Storm
Mistirio Deluxe Mistirio Deluxe


Silver Wave Silver Wave
Cloudy Cloudy
Concrete Concrete
Misterio Misterio
Statuario Gold Statuario Gold

Marble Effect

Calacatta Milan Calacatta Milan
Carrara White Carrara White
Catania Catania
Calacatta Vegle Calacatta Vegle
Statuario Vegle Statuario Vegle
Roma Grey Roma Grey
Roma Black Roma Black
Delano Delano
Fiji Fiji
Marbre Carrara Marbre Carrara
Moderna Gold Moderna Gold
Monaco Monaco
Olympia Olympia
San Vincente San Vincente
Statuario Milan Statuario Milan
Thaiti Thaiti


Alaska Alaska
Florence Florence
Gravel Polished Gravel Polished
Ibiza Ibiza
Light Carrara Light Carrara
Milano Quartz Milano Quartz
Platino Gris Noir Platino Gris Noir
Platino Gris Platino Gris
Tarragona Tarragona

Printing Range

Mountain Gold Mountain Gold
Hurricane Hurricane
Abstratica Abstratica
Fontana Fontana
Glacier Glacier
Sapphire Gold Sapphire Gold
Arabescato Arabescato
Blue River Blue River


Cloudy Cloudy
Misterio Gold Misterio Gold
Skiron Skiron
Elio Elio
Massimo Massimo
Silver Wave Silver Wave
Cloudy Cloudy
Concrete Concrete
Marina Marina
Calacatta Nova Calacatta Nova
Mario Mario
Calacatta Volcano Calacatta Volcano
Eternal Gris Eternal Gris
Eternal Pearl Eternal Pearl
Everest Everest
Milky White Milky White
Misterio Misterio
Silver Wave Silver Wave
Statuario Gold Statuario Gold


Quartz is an ideal material for worktops and countertops due to its non-porous qualities.

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Granite is a widely popular material used for home and kitchen worktops.

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We source our marble from around the world, including different parts of the UK.

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Dekton is considered 30% stronger than granite. Its surface strength means that they are less likely to chip, scratch, crack or tear.

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Commercial & Domestic Worktop Supplies

With a fantastic range of worktop materials, designs, and colours for you to choose from, Granite Supply can completely transform the look of your home or business premises. We have worked with a wide range of commercial clients over the years including bars, restaurants and hotels. Whether you require a marble staircase, floor tiles or wall tiles, we have a vast range of stone available to meet your requirements. You can view some of our previous commercial work within our gallery.

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