Quartz Maintenance & Care Guide

Quartz is an extremely durable and resilient material that is great for kitchen worktops. It requires very little maintenance and cleaning it is extremely simple. Quartz is also an extremely beautiful material when regularly cleaned and cared for. This material can last for over 100 years in your home which is much longer than you will ever need it for, meaning it will be an investment for when you sell your home.

Everyday Care 

Quarts is a highly stain-resistant material, its non-porous qualities mean that it doesn’t need sealing. However, 7% of this material is made of petroleum-based resin and pigments, meaning it can react with certain chemicals that could stain it such as, permanent markers, sodium hydroxide or paint. These aren’t your average daily use items so as long as you stick to using your worktops for normal daily activities, there should be no stains. 

Although, quartz is an extremely heat resistant material you shouldn’t start putting all sorts of hot pots and pans directly on it as this could eventually discolour the surface. Instead, using trivets or heat mats is a much safer option to get the most out of your worktops.

Cleaning the Worktop

Every day you should carry out a simple cleanse on your worktops. To do this you should wipe the surface down with a wet soft cloth and some antibacterial surface cleaner. Once that is done you can rinse it off with some clean water and then wipe down with a dry cloth.

When you carry out this routine daily you shouldn’t have any problems with your worktop at all. However, we know that sometimes life gets in the way and you can just forget which is when you need a heavy-duty cleanse. You can buy products that are specifically for this but just make sure that you check with your supplier before putting it on, to ensure it is suitable to use on your worktop.

Quartz Maintenance 

Unlike other natural stones, quartz doesn’t actually need sealing to protect it from stains, even on lighter coloured surfaces. This material has 4 times the flexural strength of granite and quartz and it is practically maintenance-free. Rather than sealing being required, the only thing that this product needs is regular cleaning.

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