Case Study: Our Work At The London Stock Exchange

Commercial Worktop Work At The London Stock Exchange

Client: The London Stock Exchange Offices

The London Stock Exchange is a well-known establishment in the centre of the capital. Known for its trading, investments and capital growth. One of the teams at the office wanted to upgrade the worktops to improve functionality and aesthetics, as the existing worktops were showing signs of wear and tear.


Getting Started

The biggest challenge was to replace the old worktops without disrupting the restaurant’s daily operations. The management team wanted the installation to be completed within a tight timeframe and without causing any inconvenience to the customers or staff.

After careful consideration, the management team decided to replace the old worktops with white 30mm quartz worktops that featured recycled glass. White quartz is a durable and long-lasting material that is resistant to scratches, stains and heat. It is also easy to clean, which is crucial in a busy commercial kitchen.

We arranged a consultation with the management team to discuss their requirements and measurements were taken. One of the key decisions and workmanship considerations was integrating the worktops seamlessly as possible with the current planter present. Once the order was placed, the installation was scheduled to be completed over a time when work would avoid any disruption to the office’s daily operations.


Installing The Worktops

Our team of expert installers arrived early and began the process of removing the old worktops and began the prep work of installing the new stone worktops.

The new white quartz worktops transformed the look of the kitchen, giving it a clean, modern and sophisticated appearance. The management team was pleased with the results, as the work was completed within the agreed timeframe and budget. The new worktops are also more functional, allowing the kitchen staff to work more efficiently.

Overall, the installation of the new white quartz worktops was a success, and one of the London Stock Exchange offices is now equipped with a high-quality, durable and stylish kitchen that will serve its staff for years to come.

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quartz worktop with planter
30mm Quartz White Worktop