Marble Maintenance & Care Guide

Marble is an amazing material that looks beautiful for the kitchen or bathroom worktops. However, the downside to this material is that it requires extra care and maintenance, this material is made from calcium carbonate making it more likely to get stained by acids. Since marble is softer than granite, scratches, cracks or stains are more likely to occur. However, with the right care for this material, it can truly transform your home.

Everyday Care

Acidic foods, drinks or products can damage your marble, this could include things like tomatoes, fizzy drinks, vinegar, coffee, skincare products and more. This can be easily prevented by wiping up any spills as soon as they happen or using a large chopping board.

Marble is able to tolerate a lot of heat but just to be on the safe side, there is no harm by using placemats, trivets or coasters for any pots or hot plates or cups.

Cleaning the Worktop

Once a week you should dust the worktop with a microfibre cloth. However, when you clean it properly, it is important to use the right kind of products. Use a damp cloth with a neutral ph cleaner, a lot of people will often mix soap and water together in a bottle and use that but you should check with your worktop supplier first, so they can recommend the best cleaning solutions for your worktop.

You should wipe and scrub the worktop gently with a damp cloth, rinse the cloth and wipe down again so there are no suds. Then finally, dry the worktop with a soft towel.

Marble Maintenance

Sealing the worktops regularly is extremely important too. The way to know when you should do this is when you see that water doesn’t bead when it hits the surface. Sealant adds a layer of protection to the marble surface to that staining and damage are less likely to happen. 

However, although this applies to a lot of marble surfaces, it is definitely not applicable to all so make sure to check with the supplier before doing this.

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