How To Clean a Granite Worktop & Keep It Well Maintained

The durability of granite makes it a great material for a worktop, as it won’t scratch and is resistant to heat. It is also relatively non-porous, which means that dirt and bacteria won’t soak into the surface, creating a more hygienic food prep area. However, it’s important to know how to clean a granite worktop to keep this statement feature looking its best for years to come, including tricks to keep a granite countertop well maintained.

Everyday Cleaning for Granite Worktops

After sweeping away any food debris or crumbs, use a damp microfibre cloth to keep a granite worktop clean. Warm water should be enough to remove any everyday dirt, but more stubborn marks can be tackled using a pH neutral cleaner. For a quick fix, mix Fairy Liquid or another neutral washing up liquid with warm water. Dry the surface thoroughly once clean to prevent watermarks.

Deep Cleaning for Granite Worktops

Deep cleaning a granite worktop once a week will help keep it in top condition. Specialist granite cleaning products can be purchased from a hardware store or online, which are designed to polish and protect granite surfaces while restoring shine.

Bicarbonate of soda is another store cupboard cleaning solution for granite. Add water to bicarbonate of soda to create a paste, then apply to oil-based stains which can occur when cooking. Gently scrub with a soft cloth, or leave in place overnight to tackle more stubborn stains.

How To Make a Granite Worktop Shine

To maximise shine and make a granite countertop look as good as new, clean the surface using a glass or stainless-steel cleaning cloth. Household spray polish can also be used occasionally to bring out the shine of granite.

How To Protect a Granite Worktop

  • Although granite is relatively resistant to heat, avoid placing hot pans directly onto the work surface. A trivet or worktop saver provides a place to set down dishes while protecting the counter.
  • It isn’t easy to scratch granite, but care should still be taken when using a knife. Prepare food on a chopping board to prevent scratches as well as stains from ingredients.
  • To gently clean a granite worktop, only use microfibre cloths for cleaning, and never abrasive scourers.
  • Keep a granite worktop dry by wiping away any soap residue or washing up water to prevent dull patches or watermarks.
  • Take care with acidic ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, or wine, as granite is sensitive to damage from acid.
  • Oils can also stain the surface, so wipe up any cooking oil spills as soon as they occur.

Granite Cleaning Products

Often, homemade solutions like washing up liquid and warm water or a bicarbonate of soda paste are just as effective as off-the-shelf products when cleaning a granite work surface. However, when buying granite cleaning products, follow these tips:

  • Look for a product that also has antibacterial properties to help keep food prep areas safe and hygienic
  • If avoiding household chemicals, natural cleaners are available which tackle dirt without harming the environment
  • For lasting protection, choose a cleaning product that contains a built-in sealer to provide a tougher defence against daily stains
  • To achieve a high-shine finish, use a granite polish that will ensure a worktop always catches the eye. Some 2-in-1 granite cleaners contain polish for added shine when cleaning a surface
  • Easy to use over a smaller surface area, granite cleaning wipes are great for a speedy clean, quick touch up, or to wipe up spills when busy cooking

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