High Quality Granite Worktops Essex

Granite is a beautiful material which is extremely strong, meaning it can resist heat and doesn’t scratch. This material is perfect to be used in a kitchen due to its anti-bacterial properties and only needs to be cleaned with water and mild detergent since it is 99.9% anti-bacterial and doesn’t stain. Take a look at the many colours of granite we have to offer.

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Granite Kitchen & Bathroom Worktops

Granite is a widely popular material used to install home and kitchen worktops thanks to its unique natural colour, pattern, and structure. It is cut in its natural state and then polished to achieve a particular gloss.

Thanks to its structural components including quartz, mica, and feldspar, Granite is a very resilient material. Granite worktops are almost fully resistant to scratch and heat. Therefore, they make a great cutting surface.

When picking a granite material for your worktop, we recommend the dark type, which is slightly more resistant to absorption and staining than their light counterparts. Additionally, granite worktops are easy to maintain, making them ideal for bathrooms. We usually recommend the use of warm water and soap to wipe the worktops once in a while to prevent staining.

Otherwise, for regular spills during routine usage, wiping the worktop with a damp cloth would suffice. At Granite Supply, we also provide polishing services for your granite worktops and counters.

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Custom Designs

We not only offer custom granite worktops but also work with you to create the product of your dreams. Our workforce consists of more than 10 professional stonemasons who will work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

We’ve made it our responsibility to maintain a 7-day turnaround and a record 2-hour installation time. This way, we enable our clients to resume their work schedules as soon as possible to minimize inconveniences. In addition to that, we also help our customers enjoy a stress-free environment right from choosing the material through to installation of the granite worktops.

We also issue templates and samples prior to installation to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Therefore, whether you are looking for Angola Black, Bohus Grey, Balmoral Red, Azul Platino, among other colours, we at Granite Supply will provide the material to suit your kitchen or bathroom.

Once the quote has been filled, we will provide samples to our local customers as soon as the templates are ready. Being a gold rated fabricator of Silestone, we are confident that you will love our granite works.

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